Laser module smoke extraction

I have pre-ordered the new Longmilll laser module and am trying to get ahead of the game by planning how to get the smoke out of my shop.

I am lucky in that I have no neighbours too close so I intend to get an inline 4" fan and duct it directly out of the shop.

Does anyone see any issues with this approach?


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@ronboklein - Ron, I don’t see how there could be any issues. Especially since you stated you have no close neighbors. Just make sure to vent it outside. Have fun and be safe.

@ronboklein That’s what I do for larger smoky projects. For small projects I don’t bother.

@Heyward43 @paullarson

OK guys, thanks for the input.

Next situation:

I currently run the Longmill, router (6.5 amps), shop vac (11,5 amps) laptop computer (1 amp) and external monitor (1.5 amps) all together on a single 15 amp circuit without blowing it. My ciphering skills tell me that’s a total of 20.5 amps without including the Longmill controller. Go figure.

Anyway, since I will not be running the router and shop vac when I’m running the LaserBeam I don’t think the load from LaserBeam and fan (0.3 amps) will approach the load that the router and shop vac have.

However, I still would like to know: What is the power draw (amps) on the new LaserBeam module and on the Longmill controller?



I haven’t had any smoke issues with my burns. Compressed air via a football inflation needle to keep the smoke clear of the lens is very important. You will get stinky smell and some smoke if you burn leather at a slow speed. Also the burn leather stinks… I do wood with no smoke issues (otherwise the wife for sure would let me know) :grin:.I am using a 15 watt fixed focus laser with great success on a separate 65x50 cm machine however I will be ordering the Longmill laser.

OK. So here is a short clip of my Laserbeam and the smoke extraction.

Here’s the fan (CAD 39.99 on

I have the fan connected to a controller at the front of the CNC table.

I have the air assist blowing directly into the smoke removal duct.

Hi, newbie here waiting on my mk2 and laser. My question is about fumes extraction. I have my setup in the basement and fortunately it is right next to the old chimney that is no longer in use so I can vent there. What would be my best bet for exhaust blower. Do I still need a filter if it is being vented out of the basement. What would be a good , but reasonably priced vent setup? Thanks in advance. D


I’m no expert, but if you follow the safety guidelines for the laser and do not burn the materials that Sienci says to avoid and if you vent the fumes directly into the chimney then you probably do not need any special filter. Again, that’s just my opinion.

I am fortunate that I have no close neighbours so I just vent mine just outside the shop.

As for the fan, check the one I show in the above post. It’s pretty quite and strong enough to pull the smoke out.


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Thanks, I always worry about fumes, small case of emphysema. But I agree the fan venting directly out the chimney should work. Thanks Again D

One thing that comes to mind is to make sure that there aren’t “escape” routes from the chimney to other parts of the house.

PS. I’m from Texas, and have never had either a chimney or a basement! :rofl:
PPS. … or even a multi-story house!


@Ddjdirksss Welcome to the group, Darlene. As you’ve already seen, the members here are always prepared to help out when asked.

In terms of venting to an old chimney, keep in mind that chimneys are designed to allow hot air to rise. They need to be designed in such a way as to counter the downward air pressure exerted at the outlet. Some have vents to prevent things like birds from finding them to be an excellent warm place to nest. DAMHIKT. :grinning:

All this said, @CrookedWoodTex (Tex’s) advice is good advice. Since the fumes that you extract from your laser will likely not be warm enough to rise in the chimney, be sure that there is no way for them to find their way back into the house.

Definitely going with an extraction fan with hose to the laser setup which has a fan which would be directed toward the beam and my exhaust fan setup. Thanks for your advise and the welcome. D

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Yep, hose fan
I deal with dog farts every day and those work great for all kinds of extraction