Laser module smoke extraction

I have pre-ordered the new Longmilll laser module and am trying to get ahead of the game by planning how to get the smoke out of my shop.

I am lucky in that I have no neighbours too close so I intend to get an inline 4" fan and duct it directly out of the shop.

Does anyone see any issues with this approach?


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@ronboklein - Ron, I don’t see how there could be any issues. Especially since you stated you have no close neighbors. Just make sure to vent it outside. Have fun and be safe.

@ronboklein That’s what I do for larger smoky projects. For small projects I don’t bother.

@Heyward43 @paullarson

OK guys, thanks for the input.

Next situation:

I currently run the Longmill, router (6.5 amps), shop vac (11,5 amps) laptop computer (1 amp) and external monitor (1.5 amps) all together on a single 15 amp circuit without blowing it. My ciphering skills tell me that’s a total of 20.5 amps without including the Longmill controller. Go figure.

Anyway, since I will not be running the router and shop vac when I’m running the LaserBeam I don’t think the load from LaserBeam and fan (0.3 amps) will approach the load that the router and shop vac have.

However, I still would like to know: What is the power draw (amps) on the new LaserBeam module and on the Longmill controller?



I haven’t had any smoke issues with my burns. Compressed air via a football inflation needle to keep the smoke clear of the lens is very important. You will get stinky smell and some smoke if you burn leather at a slow speed. Also the burn leather stinks… I do wood with no smoke issues (otherwise the wife for sure would let me know) :grin:.I am using a 15 watt fixed focus laser with great success on a separate 65x50 cm machine however I will be ordering the Longmill laser.