Laser power supply from the controller?

Can I power a laser using the 12 volt supply on the box. My laser calls for 12 volts, 5 amps. Just wondering before I go buy a power supply.


@bhale Brad: Andy’s video on adding a laser may help. He says to make sure that you buy a power supply with your laser. He does not specifically say that the Mill power supply/controller will not work, so I may not be answering your question.

Here is his video:

I watched that as well. I will probably get one but I was wondering if it’s possible.

@bhale I’m sure that Chris will reply, but I believe that you will find that the draw of the laser it too high for the 12v output on the controller board. In another thread, Chris mentioned low draw outputs like cooling fans.

There are not any markings on the Longboard itself indicating input and output voltage details but with it being open source there are schematics and drawings around somewhere that should provide the details.

5 Amps is a lot of current. I don’t believe any external connections for downstream devices are rated or intended for that kind of draw besides the stepper drivers/motors. From a safety perspective, a separate power supply is likely a good idea. Thankfully 12V supplies are more plentiful and easier to find than 24V ones.

In fact a PC PSU has lots of 12V output, that might be worth looking in to. Could also provide you with 3.3V and 5V supplies at the machine. I have this one for when I tinker with small electronics and I’ve been very happy with it:

I see Digi-Key has some options as well.


You will need to use an external power supply.

Thanks for the responses, guys. I picked one up today.