Laser power tests

Test Pattern mm - m longmill.lbrn (38.6 KB)
Test Pattern.lbrn (38.0 KB)

Make / grab one of these type files for testing power. It should be blank where the speed is high and power is low.

@JayDent I took the liberty of moving your post to a new thread, Jay. This way, it’s not lost in the discussion on wiring generic lasers.

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I think it was because I’m having issues with the power being too high on the one I wired in and he was trying to help me determine how off it really is.

@Sammypants I think you’re right, Sam. But, the power test is a good idea, either using these files or any of the many others on the net. I believe @JayDent files are better here so that people searching will find them easily.


Hi All, Lightburn Version 1.1.01 is out. Under laser tools it has some test burn tools.

There are lots out there. I’ve found the best ones are from Rich, the Louisiana Hobby Guy. He has a great forum dedicated to all things laser. For those interested, you can find it here:

Yes, here is the one I started with…

The power is tested by measuring the current (generally between 35-60ma) and voltage (voltage is DC 5V) of the laser head when it is working.

@Rosexing Using these files does not “measure” output. They let users burn grids or figures at set powers and speeds. The key to using them is to burn the test on the same wood that will be used for the project. There will be big differences between the optimal power and speeds on MDF, for example, as compared to pine or basswood.

The beauty of using these files is that users can have “templates” that they can refer to for future projects. Even then, they really only get us in the ballpark. Humidity and moisture content of wood play a big part in how a laser will burn it, so trial and error is frequently needed.