Laser printing traverse moves

I am using version 1.1.7 GSender. Design in lightburn and save gcode to run in GSender. Everything was OK this morning after lunch it is now printing the traverse moves the laser makes. I disconnected GSender and ran direct from lightburn same issue. Files that I saved this morning and ran OK now print the traverse moves. Checked eprom settings in gsender and they are correct per sienci instructions, also checked lightburn is still set at max 255 and min 0. When the longboard shuts down does it clear cache? Should I re flash e prom? not sure where to go with this. I noticed there was a bug in earlier version was that fixed?

@Mickus Make sure that $32=1.

G, it is enabled, sliding button, $30 255, $31 0 lightburn min is 0 and max 255. I am thinking of flashing firmware. What do you think?

@Mickus If you have not customized any of the default eeprom settings, I don’t believe it could hurt to flash it.

It’s weird that it was working fine, but now is not. You could do a wiring check. Make sure all are secure and that the pwm especially is tight.

I don’t use the gS sliders, so excuse the question. But, with all the sliders and settings set, if you type $$ in console, does $32 show 1?

G, I do not have any changes in eprom, I checked all connections all look Ok. I will check the $$ in console tommorow and let you know.
I keep thinking it is something in longboard memory screwed up, paticularly as it was running fine. I presume that when you turn off the longboard the gsender settings get cleared out, then when you start up again gsender settings get reloaded?
Thanks for the help, I will repost after I try again tomorrow.

G @gwilki , so I checked settings this am and all were good, confirmed$32 was at 1. Decided to redo the projects from yesterday and everything ran correctly so I am more confused. I do not think that I have solved anything, so I think I will flash the eprom and remove and reload gsender, I have only had the machine for a couple of weeks and it maybe or not be related to the connection issues that I had the first week. I thought I had solved this problem by using a wired mouse and turning Bluetooth off, and not having had a connection problem at all this week. I will re post if the laser issue returns or if I work out the cause.

@Mickus Weird. With luck, someone else will have had the same problem and definitively solved it. This is one - maybe the only one - issue that I have not had so I’m not much help. Keep us posted here, please.

Thanks G, just came in from running various test cards without issue, though I know it will likely show up again sometime. I hate it when an issue disappears without any known reason, it reduces the confidence level.
I am reasonably confident I have solved my connection issues. I have run daily for 6 days and now connect flawlessly. I use a laptop with usb cable and after trying multiple cables, setting usb to never sleep, deleting and reinstalling usb drivers I noticed that Bluetooth uses a usb driver in windows and I was using a usb mouse. Swapped mouse with an old wired one and issues went away. Might be a good one to put in your information file.

@Mickus Interesting about your issues going away when you went to a wired mouse. I wonder why that is. To be clear, I’m not disputing your findings. A wired mouse is using a usb driver. A wireless mouse is using a usb driver. I’m not competent to understand why one of these driver usages could cause issue where the other doesn’t. What do you think?

G, I have no idea. It was the last thing I did and it has worked ever since. I contacted HP support to ask the same question but have not had a response that answers the query, response was to update drivers, delete and reload etc., I suppose it is possible the Bluetooth mouse has an issue but again I am clueless.

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