Laser set up using FOXalien 20w

I have been trying to set this laser with no luck. so i thought i would ask. this need 12v 2 amps to run per foxalien by this Pick from Fox website. I put the yellow to PMW, Black to Ground with 1kΩ resistor and red to grnd… but nothing happen. so do i need to get a extra power supplie? if yes witch one

I am new to laser so if this does not make sense sorry.

Welcome to the group Jerry!

Does that laser have a place to plug in a power supply? I can only speak for the laser that I have and the one my step Dad has and both of those have a barrel jack for plugging in external power. The PWM just tells the laser how much power to put out and the actual power that creates the laser beam comes from the barrel connector.

EDIT: I looked up the laser that you have and it doesn’t look like it has a barrel connector. I was unsure what VCC is so I looked that up here. From looking at that I think the red VCC wire should be hooked up to power and not ground. The problem is that the LongBoards auxiliary power is only good for half an amp.

Hopefully someone with a little more electrical knowledge will chime in and help you out.

this unit does have a power supply plug

Alright, it was hard to tell from the photos on their website. My guess would be that you need a 12v 2amp power cord to hook to that. Could probably get one with 2.5 or 3 amps just to be safe. Still leaves the question about the VCC though. I’m no electrical expert but my research led me to believe that VCC should be hot not ground.

Like I said before I can only speak for the lasers that I have used. I just looked at mine and it has only 2 wires for the PWM and the power cord to the barrel jack. My thought is that the red VCC wire could power the laser if the LongBoards auxiliary power could handle 2amps but since it can’t I think that you need a power block/cord to power that laser and not use the VCC wire.

Take what I have said with a grain of salt and please try to confirm my advise with someone that knows electrical better than me. I don’t want you to break anything if I’m wrong but thought I could at least share how my laser is hooked up.

EDIT: When I said that my laser only has two wires to the PWM I forgot to mention that it’s a 3 pin connector but the 12v is empty.

Thanks for the feed back. i will keep looking