Laser sign on plywood

Just out of the oven, lasered wall sign for nephews man cave where he has been known to consume copious amounts of Busch Light.
24 wide by about 12 tall. Logo was from a plasma cutting file then modified and expanded upon in Vcarve. Used Vcarve laser module because I wanted to use a mill for the cutout and have still not figured out how to use lightburn and vcarve in the same design. 1/4 sanded ply from big box. Done with G2 lense, dip 4, 1500mm/min, 100% power, about 3 hr 15 minutes.


That looks very nice.

Thanks J, I was on the fence about getting the laser when I ordered tha Longmill. Glad I did, I am finding it is a very versatile piece of equipment.