Laser update from an email I got today

Just got this in an email from Sienci Labs. :frowning: Well it will give me time to learn the CNC part of my LongMill better.

LaserBeam Driver Delay Update

This update is for all LaserBeam customers that have not received their orders.

Most of you probably know that we have been dealing with supply chain delays for the past 3 months and recently that delay came to an end. That is the good news, copper heatsinks and power supplies arrived and the laser diode assemblies have been assembled.

The bad news is Bittele, our pcb manufacturer, manufactured our drivers on 1oz copper pcbs instead of our requested 2oz copper pcbs. This will cause a delay for LaserBeam orders shipping out.

The details:

  • We cannot ship out drivers with 1oz pcbs, this will cause the voltage regulator and other key components to operate out of safe specifications
  • Bittele and their team is committed to rectifying this mistake
  • This will delay the driver shipment by 20-25 days which delays the LaserBeams shipping out

What we are doing about this:

  • Bittele has been instructed to remake all pcbs with 2oz copper
  • Bittele has been instructed to disassemble all components from the 1oz copper pcbs
  • Bittele has been instructed to reorder all generic capacitors and resistors that cannot be disassembled from the 1oz copper pcbs
  • We will place a completely new order for 200 assembled drivers with PCBway in the hope that they can potentially manufacture and ship drivers before Bittele can.
  • Both this new order and our delayed order will give us 6 months of driver stock so that we can avoid this type of delay from ever happening again.

Like always, if you cannot wait for the new drivers to arrive for any reason. Please send in a ticket requesting a refund, we completely understand. Feel free to reorder when we begin shipping product. I appreciate the support of all customers.

Contact us here: Contact Us and get CNC support | Sienci Labs