LaserBeam Live #22 - Setting up a Webcam to Use in LightBurn and Q&A Session Part 2

It’s time for another LaserBeam Live! Join Ikenna on Thursday, June 22, 2023, at 8 PM EST.

Ikenna will continue to demonstrate how to set up a webcam for LightBurn. This feature uses a webcam to align projects to the material using the webcam view. Using the LightBurn webcam feature can assist with designing weirdly shaped projects, decreasing design and setup time via LightBurn and gSender, and monitoring the laser while the job completes. Machine coordinates must be accurate for this feature to work correctly. Ikenna will showcase how to re-enter machine dimensions, find the correct coordinate option, and ensure that LightBurn and the LongMill are in-sync with the machine coordinates. He will also send the project file to the LaserBeam directly from LightBurn to engrave.

He will also be hosting a Q&A session. So ask questions and get live answers!

Link to Livestream:

Set yourself a reminder and see you there!