LaserBeam Live #27 - Testing the Fast Whitespace Scan and the Print & Cut Wizard Features in LightBurn and Q&A Session

It’s time for another LaserBeam Live! Join Ikenna on Thursday, August 31, 2023, at 8 PM EST.

In this upcoming livestream, Ikenna will be testing two pivotal LightBurn features: the Fast Whitespace Scan and the Print & Cut Wizard. He will also be showcasing the finished plaque that was engraved in the last live stream, assessing the time-saving potential of the Fast Whitespace Scan in simple engraving projects, and evaluating the effectiveness of the Print & Cut Wizard.

As well, Ikenna will be hosting a Q&A session. So ask questions and get live answers!

Link to Live Stream:

Set yourself a reminder and see you there!