LaserBeam Live #32 - Engraving Sample Material From the LightBurn Experience and Q&A Session

Hi folks! Join Ikenna’s LaserBeam Live on Thursday, November 9, 2023, at 8 PM EST.

Ikenna will use the LaserBeam to engrave on sample material from the LightBurn Experience convention. As always, he will host a Q&A session, so ask your questions and get live answers!

Link to Live Stream:

Set yourself a reminder and see you there!

Are there any laser topics you want us to explore? Let us know by commenting below!

Hi, new to laser (engraving/cut) .
I hear that Sienci will be selling an upgrade to a CO2 laser.
Do have any information about this new product (type, time of delivery, etc).
Will this laser be able to cut acrylic and other materials (like: mother perl without any burnout)
Thanks, Ralph