LaserBeam Parts & Connectivity Questions


From the Latest LaserBeam follow-up, i can see these photos:

I am trying to figure out the parts and the connectivity between those parts and the required “routing” though the Drag Chain.

I have drawn this to try to make sense of all this…
There must be some other connectors on the “back” side of the Driver Unit?
and seeing all connectors seems to be the the same, could you plug the wrong wire to the wring thing?
Can you help figure this out?

Hey Nicolas,

Ikenna isn’t on the forum, but he can tell you more info if you use the contact form through here:



I Reached out to Ikenna, with multiple questions.
He provided information that helped me update the schematic (See initial Post)
Hope it may help some other people to foresee what is coming, hopefully soon…

Interesting, glad to see there is an air assist fan there.

Have been thinking of building a shield around the laser using some laser blocking acrylic. But will be difficult to design anything till the kit is in hand.

Also curious as there is only one spindle out, would be cool if there was another port to co tool an IOT relay for spindle co tool when you are. It using the laser.