LaserBeam where to start


After reading the Safety manual…

I successfully Installed:
-the Cabling
-the Laser Driver
-The Laser Unit (On the Right Side)

Looked at Bucky’s Video (How to install the Sienci Laser to your LongMill! - YouTube)
It talks a lot about installing, and suddenly he his engraving, we do not see the Lens Install/Focus Operation (or anything on the Software (and GCode Firmware Values)
Is there an other Video/resource that would fill this Gap?

I am able to start the Laser Driver:
-The laser driver Fan starts (A bit noisy)
-The Cooling Fan Starts
-Not sure if Laser Assist Fan is running

I have purchases G2 & 3E Lenses
Started with the 3Element Lens
From the Video + Forum I understand the Slotted side must go on the Lens Focus ring side
What about the Spring?
It came with: 7mm/10mm/13mm
Which one to use? in which order? Specific to Leans selection?

Also, the Focusing Stick, when measured in the “3E” Text orientation is 2.461in
The Focusing Stick, when measured in the Vertical orientation is 2.621in
What orientation is the Right one?

I have used the Focusing Stick with the text readable as horizontal
I used the Laser unit Bottom as a reference (Not the position of the Focus Ring) is this OK?

I am a GSender user, and also purchased Lighburn.

Started with GSender, i am able to Toggle in Laser Mode, Use the Test button @ 1%
The Driver’s Dipswitch position is at 1Amp
I see the Laser on my test material. (Yes using the Goggles)
It requires focusing since i see a .5in line instead of a dot.

Should i:
-Play with the Z position? (GSender)
-Turn the Focus Ring Clockwise? Counterclockwise?
-Do you focus with Laser ON (Or Test Mode)? or iterate while Laser is OFF?

As you see, I am missing a bit of information.
Probably available somewhere.

Hopefully someone here will be able to point me in the right direction.


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Ho! I saw i missed this:

But it seems it does not answer all my questions.

You use the guide to measure from the base of the laser’s metal mounting bracket to your material.
I’ve been testing with the G2 lens. The 7mm spring goes in the laser unit and then the lens in the focusing ring is next. It took me a few tries to get it started. For the G2 lens you “tighten” it until it is almost all the way. When you test the laser you should get a dot. If not adjust as needed.

I’m still learning and I hope that helps.



These are all really good questions/observations. I too installed the laser this past weekend and spent my day off of work yesterday “playing”. There is a lot to learn, and as you mentioned @webbit_NJ, much more to be taught by the Sienci team.

I did see a post from Ikenna that some of these items are going to be covered in upcoming videos and/or docs, but it would have been helpful to have some of this information available to the pre-order group who was anxious to get going.

I also would like some help/info on the burning and engraving settings. Yes, the video put out by Sienci shows Ikenna cutting through several different thicknesses of material, with settings, but the power setting on the dip switches is the question. I had set it at 4 amps and had difficulty cutting through anything without a bajillion passes. The 5 amp setting did much better but flames flew! Obviously power and speed need tweaking (by me).

Anyway - I am sure the fine folks at Sienci are aware (or are now at least) that there is some "use confusion’ on the LaserBeam and are working on getting us the info we need.

I thought Dana’s video was great help, but yes, he did not cover his settings when he was carving. I know there is a Lightburn speed/power test file available in the LightBurn forum. This helped to some degree as well.

I forgot to mention, that when I insert the G2, I had to turn it all the way in to get the dot and not the bow tie. It also seemed very sensitive to being moved slightly even though it was all the way inserted. Touching the focus ring seemed to move it slightly.

Whether or not that is the smallest dot is the question. Even firing the laser at .25% (1/4 percent) power in Lightburn or in gSender still caused the laser to burn a spot on my board. That’s a little troubling as it could ruin a piece with a random burn spot. My Banggood 2w laser did not leave a mark at a 1% test fire. I can’t remember if the same thing happened when I clicked the “Laser Test” button in gSender, but the laser only stays on for a couple seconds. My Banggood laser had a test fire button, which stayed on until I pushed the button again.

I also had my “S” setting at 1,000 in Lightburn and in the Longboard Firmware. I changed it to 255 in both places and it seems like the laser worked better, hotter, more intense?? Kinda weird, but 95% power of a 255 setting is higher than 95% power of a 1,000 setting so maybe I am not seeing things…:open_mouth: 100% should be the same…

There’s a basic Material Guide that provides information about types of materials and the associated settings for engraving and cutting in the LaserBeam Resources.

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@dmo Thanks. I have referenced this video for the information on power and speed settings. What is not included is the amperage level of the laser. I assume it is the full 5 amps in the demo video.

There was some information in the documentation that references using the 4 amp setting but as I said above, it is not specifically clear what the recommended settings should be for the LaserBeam for different processes.

I know it’s coming shortly in the doc and video updates.