Lasered Heron on canvas

Very happy with the results.
PWR 86% @1800mm and they turned out great. 2base layers reg spray paint. 1 mid layer metalic dark grey manifold paint(still need to test burn rates vs reg). Topped with 1 layer of reg white spray paint.


Those look pretty good. Get enough birds, and you could tile a shower or something.
I got a couple drawings my grandson did a long time ago, and thought about that, maybe every other tile in the wall, or just a few. Bit I only have 2 or 3 drawings.

Thanks for sharing these with us; terrific work! The idea of putting paint on the ceramic tile (that’s what I’m assuming they were) prior to lasing is a great idea.

You’d have to be careful not to use these tiles where they’d get wet or be grease splattered, as the painted surfaces would most likely become degraded. That been stated, though, if they’re topcoated once lased, with a protective polycarbonate urethane or conversion varnish, that may allow them to be placed pretty well anywhere.

Marty from Kingston ON Canada

Just updated the title. This was moved from another post. Work is actually on canvas :slight_smile:

@Parrott Sorry about that. I set the title.

No worries at all. Thank you and everyone else that has helped me work the bugs out to produce such fun projects!!!

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