Led Zeppelin Hermit

So when I was at the lumber mill the other day, he had a scrap of hickory for 3.00. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but 3 bucks what the heck right? I don’t own a band saw yet, so my choices were limited. I looked around and located the hermit from Led Zeppelin 4 (Stairway to Heaven) album. I found a line art drawing and using VCarve pro made it into something my CNC machine could use. After messing with it for a bit, it was ready to carve. I sanded the hickory smooth and flat. Using a 90 degree v bit, it took 92 minutes to carve it. After very minimal sanding, I sprayed it with semigloss poly and waited for it to dry. Then I took black acrylic paint and painted it. Once the paint was dry, sanded it off with 330 grit sandpaper using my random orbital sander. Sprayed with poly again and the tribute to one of my favorite bands is done. Still need to flip it over for the keyhole to hang it on the wall. I did limit the depth at .25”. Possible I could have changed bits to make it go quicker, but I am not that advanced yet. Enjoy!


@Jake Great job, Jake. $3 very well spent. :sunglasses:

Nothing wrong with that, Jake! Good going.

That looks great! I like that the artwork works with the grain if the wood. $3 well spent.


Thanks Ben! Welcome back to the forum! My bride even let me hang it in the living room!