Lessons learned and forgotten..again

I set up a trial/experimental/learning relief carving with one tool change.
1st bit is a 1/8" ball cutter for the Roughing cut.
All was going well and I stepped away from in my cold garage.
PC on, Router spinning, 30x30 running and dust vacuum running.
Too cold to stay and watch for long times at a time.
Garage got quiet…:no_mouth:
Enter to see vac and router with no power but longmill still pretending to cut.
Longmill and PC is on a UPS backup only.
I FORGOT to turn off the electric heater!!! :tired_face: THUS blowing circuit breaker AND 1/8" tool bit because the program is still running the machine.
This is the 2nd time I have done this!!!
All in all I recovered the job without realizing the bit moved the workpiece . Finished the roughing then change to 1/32 engraving tool to start the 2nd cut.
The cut in question is the large 6x9 inch fox on MDF.
You can see the sqew and the rough cut errors… but not bad I think considering


I’m also guilty of leaving the shop while the machinery is running. I know it’s not a good idea, but hey, I’m a bit lazy and if nothing else is going on in the shop…

Marty from Kingston, ON, Canada

@ApexWoodworks I have a web cam, a baby monitor and teamviewer running in my shop. When things go south, I still can’t get downstairs fast enough to stop the damage, but at least I can see and hear what is going on, and react to it. Teamviewer shows me the gSender screen on my shop PC so that I know how much longer I can sit in my comfy office before going downstairs to change the bit. :grinning: