Lightburn camera case

Here are a few pictures of a camera case I made with my MK2 for use with a Sony camera and LightBurn. Simple project but works great.
The camera is a Sony IMX179 Image Sensor. If you are wondering how to use a camera with LightBurn check out the LaHobbyGuy’s youtube vids. Just type “camera hack” in the search bar.

Or here is a couple link. Get the PERFECT ALIGNMENT for your Lightburn Camera! - YouTube
Building a Lightburn Camera Setup from Scratch! Plus Software Hack! - YouTube

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@MikeH Looks very fine, Mike.

The perspective in the last picture is so throwing me off. The thing looks huge…

Lol, I just wanted to show off my messy shop! It’s 2" X 2" and about .75" thick. The mounting piece is about 2" x 6"