Lightburn vs Super Long Board

I want to upgrade to Super Long Board but must be sure that i can use LightBurn with the new board and the GRBL HAL.

@s Welcome to the group, Serge. I’ve used the SLB with LightBurn with both USB and Ethernet connection.


Thank you for the information
In Lightburn Device setting i have only these GRBL types

  • GRBL
  • GRBL-M3

With my Long Board i use GRBL.
Which one do you use with the SLB?

@Sergelac, I don’t want to speak for @gwilki but I think he uses ‘GRBL’ as the device

@Sergelac @chrismakesstuff Chris is correct. I am using the grbl option. FWIW, I am also using the ethernet option.

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