Lignum Vitae Ring

I wanted to test out the precision of the longmill so figured why not make a ring. Being an electrician I dont like wearing my wedding band at work, so having something non-conductive gives me a little piece of mind. The ring is made from Lignum Vitae with a wall thickness of less than 1/16" (about 50 thou). Used a 1/8" downcut 2-flute end mill at 70 in/min @ 12000 rpm, & 62 thou depth of cut. Let me know of thoughts, opinions, etc.


@HAWWK Looks good Jeremy. I love lignum. I use it for bushings because of its natural lubrication. It will hold up very well, I’m sure.

@Jeremy One word, Gorgeous!

@gwilki & @Bill thank you for the kind compliments. Lignum is by far some of my favorite wood to work with!

Creative and beautiful.

It looks similar to Angelique, my wife and I have worked with that many times, moderately hard but heavy wood, but Lignum appears to be much harder.

I don’t know that I’ve ever worked with Angelique, but yes lignum is a very hard and dense wood which definitely makes it machine nicely too! :metal:

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Thats pretty cool. I’ve never even heard of Lignum Vitae before and now I want to try it.
Is it hard to find?
Also, how did you remove the ring when you were done cutting?
Nice work!

@Dewey thank you and I’m fortunate enough to have a local supplier here in Washington but I don’t think it would be too difficult to find. If you can’t find any let me know and we could probably work something out. Back to your question, I used a bandsaw to cut it free from the block, I than made some bushings to finish the sanding on the wood lathe.

Great results with attention to safety. Well done.

I’ve seen it pretty regularly at Burlington exotic woods