Linux, gSender and MK2

A lightweight version of Linux can bring an old computer back to life. I have an old (10 plus years) Toshiba we do not use anymore so I decided to try it to run gcode sender.

I actually used Fedora 35 Workstation as I had it downloaded already. It comes with gnome desktop which I do not like, so I installed XFCE, much easier on the old laptop.

Downloaded and installed gSender for Fedora (RPM).

Downloaded Arduino IDE and installed it. You need to do this to get the drivers. In windows as well as linux. (Maybe the drivers can be installed standalone, Sienci could let us know?)

Then it would NOT connect. Google told me I needed write permission on the COM port. CHMOD in the terminal allowed connection and I could jog the machine. But it kept disconnecting. More googling said to give R/Wr permission for your user to the group ‘dialout’ to make permissions persistent. Added user to dialout group and now I can connect, auto connect on startup and stay connected.

I have a strange issue whereby if I jog all the way left it disconnects. That will be another post.

Hopefully if someone is trying to use Linux this info will help! Good use for an otherwise obsolete computer.


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