Load file issue - experimental build to help us narrow it down

Hey folks,

We’re attempting to fix an issue where the load file button doesn’t respond for some users making the program unusable. Unfortunately it only affects a small portion of users, and we can’t recreate it across multiple computers we have at the office or at home.

We’ve made an experimental build to hopefully track down the issue - it had a few changes to how the load file dialog is shown to force it to attach to the current window, adds more extensive logging to the electron handler, and changes some other listeners to only fire once to hopefully prevent the IPC message queue from getting blocked.

If you are unable to load files using the UI element, it would be super helpful if you could download the following build and post your results to the following questions:

Code for this build can be found at the following link if you’re concerned about random executable links on a forum - GitHub - Sienci-Labs/gsender at ipc_changes

  1. Download and install 0.6.8 at the following link:

On program run, validate the version says “0.6.8” in the title bar.

  1. Without connecting, click the “Load File” button ONCE.

  2. If the dialog appears, post that it worked

  3. Otherwise, wait 1 minute.

  4. Click the “Load File” button ONCE a second time.

  5. If it still didn’t load, attach or post the contents of a log file to this thread - you’ll be able to find it in C:/Users/<Your User Name/AppData/Roaming/gSender/logs/main.txt

We’re trying to narrow down what exactly is going wrong in the process and while we have a couple leads, we can’t reliably recreate it to narrow them down.

Appreciate your help!


Here’s my log file from this morning

[2021-07-12 07:07:03.437] [info] Result of powerSaveBlocker: true
[2021-07-12 07:07:08.460] [error] Error: net::ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED
at SimpleURLLoaderWrapper. (electron/js2c/browser_init.js:101:6400)
at SimpleURLLoaderWrapper.emit (events.js:310:20)

I look forward to getting this behind us.

any need to report and halt the software load because the computer isn’t connected to the internet?

Thanks for this -

That error is actually related to the auto-updater not being able to find an internet connection to check if there’s a new version. It’s throwing an error early in the main thread leading to other UI events not registering - including the event we listen to for file loading. That would explain why it’s happening intermittently/such a small subset of users: most people have a internet connection active. It also makes the issue relatively easy to reproduce - disconnect internet, attempt to load file, validate if dialog appears. We should be able to fix this relatively quickly.

Thanks for your help!


Thank you very much. Many of use are using small laptops dedicated to the longmill and find it better to Not be connected to the internet.

its relatively funny when you think about it

your chasing your tail trying to reproduce something, you think its some random complicated circumstance of events and impossible to reproduce.

then someone says, Unplug the internet cable


So this is a Comedy post, but illustrates the issue