Loading files from your computer to cam lab

Have searched the videos and can find no help on how you load a file from your computer to the cam lab file box or system. Can anyone tell me how this is done. Again many thanks for any help. I will assume its simple, but I thought that about loading a photo from my cell phone too, about ready to pull what little hair i have left out. lol WLW

Upper left corner “import” button.

Very little documentation for Camlab however.

May I recommend Kiri:Moto to you? Made by the same guy who made Camlab, it is a vastly superior software, made for CNC, 3d printing and laser cutting in one. Lots of fast tech support & in depth videos for it.
Happy carving

Thks Markus. Looking at Carbide Create, have looked at Kiri Moto and as you say it looks better for what I want to do. Will read more about it, as I need all the help I can get. Used Easel for a year and it works ok, but my budget can’t afford it now so looking at free stuff. Thk fro the advice. WLW

I was lucky and subscribed to a free 1 yr trial of Carbide Create Pro, after using Carbide Create free version. It has since run out recently.

I enjoyed using both versions of CC, but found it was best suited for vcarving, since both versions lack the ability to import 3d models. CC pro could dimensionalize images, but with some limitations which were not trivial to me.

CC free version imposes some poor toolpathing too… instead of carving regionally, it will carve a letter here, then head over to the other end of the stock & carve there, tjen over to the other corner… makes for a long process. However I would still consider using it for small vcarve jobs - its free after all.
Kiri:Moto does not appear to have out of the box vcarving capabilities currently.
Happy carving

Markus, the deeper I look at these various programs, I think if someone had the ability to combine the feature’s that one needs into one program and put it on a flash drive it would sell fast and you would be a messiah to the cnc world. LOL. I have downloaded CC, cam lab, inkscape and played with vectric a bit and decided it was too much work. Have also played with Bobcad and liked it but have to stick with freebies. The budget is short as I don’t plan on a buisness from this. Just a hobby and making repairs for our 111 yr. old farm house. Thks. for the feedbac. WLW