Long Mill 30x30 t-track measurements

i don’t have my mill yet but i am doing a 48" t track table and was just wondering if someone could give me the width of the foot for the rail and the distance between the feet on the two individual rails. i wanted to make sure i didn’t end up with a t-track slot under one of the feet.

If you sign up for a free onshape account you can see all of their CAD files and get all of the measurements for every part and even get the parts that you can reprint.

Just look in resources. The Long Mill is open source and they provide all CAD files.

I just measured my four corner feet at 3-1/2" wide (four middle feet are smaller). I measured the width between the feet at 36-1/4"

Hope this helps.

-Mike M

Thanks. i used those measurements then learned about the MK2. Cancelled my order and ordered the new longmill MK2. Looking at the drawings it should still work. Now just have to wait.
Thanks again for the info.

The feet on the MK2 are clearly different than the MK1, but I don’t see files for the MK2. Am I missing something?

all i could see was the pdf files that show height. i didn’t see anything about the width.

Yeah, okay so it’s not just me. :wink:

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@Fancu12 @rawarner Kelly announced here when the new model specs will be available.

I hope this helps with your plans.

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I got the following info from Sienci. It’s exactly what I was looking for. The measurements are for the new style MK2 y-axis rail feet.

“The foot size is 115mm wide by 50mm deep for the end feet and 78mm wide b 40 deep for the middle feet. They’re about 900mm apart so if your material is slightly undersized from 900mm then it’ll fit between the feet. And actually since the feet are tapered you can fit material slightly wider if you hold it higher up off the waste board.”

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