Long Mill add ons

A few weeks back I heard you speak on a YouTube video that you are going to try and push the long mail into more of an add-ons functionality rather than new products

I like the idea personally I think it’s a step in the right direction to augment what people already have

To that end I’m going to suggest promote ask you to look at this video and see if this is something that you guys might be interested in

It’s kind of like the idea of the laser only more interesting

It’s something I’ve started looking into it’s not something I’m waiting for you guys to move forward on but I think the idea of what can be done and the the ability for you guys to make money selling these as add-ons might be worth your investigation

They’ve gotten the person in the video has made a number of videos related to this kind of carving so you might want to look at other things that he’s done just to see what else is available