Longboard Orientation

I want to mount the Longboard controller underneath the table. (Buttons facing down)

Could there be a thermal issue if I do?


I just took a look at my Longboard, Rev 1.4.3 2020, and I don’t see any ventilation unless it’s on the back which sits a 1/2" or so off the mounting surface.

If there are vents on the back, I’m too lazy to take mine off right now, I would think that they would work fine facing up. I don’t see a problem with mounting it that way but my opinion is worth what you paid for it.


@R.Portman MIne has been hanging upside down suspended from bungees for well over a year, with no issues that I can see.

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@gwilki I’ll bet it cuts down on the dust.

@Bill It does that. :grinning: I wanted to get it out of the way and I figured using bungees would take away any vibration issues. Since I have never used the buttons on the controller, it didn’t concern me that they are now very much out of reach.

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Bungees and duct tape can fix a lot of things…
I do always keep my finger on the pause button at the start of a job. Sometimes things go sideways…
Sometimes baby Rubie shows up and I need to pause…

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@gwilki when i designed my tilting tablei ended tucking in the controller between the center rail supports to save space, so cut the motor cables to length so stuck unless i change out or extend the cables, hindsight is truly 20 20.

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