Longer 1/8 Bits

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The 1/8 ball mill and end mill bits I have are about 1.5" long. I am about to do a 3D cut that is a bit deep and I’m concerned that when I cut out the profile that the bits will be too short and allow the base of my collet to rub on the material that’s located on the sides. Are there longer 1/8 bits out there? I haven’t had much luck finding anything. What are people using for 1/8 bits for 3D cuts? Right now I am using the ones from the Sienci Store.


Have a look here



This company uses Whiteside bits and puts their own coating on them.

You can get increased reach by using 1/8" bits with 1/4" shanks. The cutting length isn’t necessarily longer, but I can reach the waste board with them where I can’t with the 1/8" shanked bits.

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I’ve purchased long bits from www.the-carbide-endmill-store.com . You can get 1/8" shank bits up to 3" long. They seem to hold up pretty well and aren’t too pricey. They will have some deflection so you might need to decrease feed rate.

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Thanks all for the helpful advice. Now to do some comparing and go from there.

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