Longmill Assembly Video

Good evening community members,

I received my Longmill late last week and figured my good fortune shouldn’t go to waste. So after dusting off an old Sony handycam and refreshing my video editing abilities in Resolve, I managed to pull together an assembly video for the Longmill.

This is as close to a ‘typical build’ as you’ll get as I consider myself semi-amature at best. I simply started the camera running and followed the online directions.

Overall build time was about 3hrs total. Not bad for a machine of this quality.

Hope it helps.

Longmill Assembly Video


Great video. Hope you show us the projects you make. Though if I know Chris he won’t let you get away without doing that. Great job.

Great vid! Looks fairly straight forward.

Quick question. Do you use any form of Loctite for assembly?

No need for Loctite as the build uses locking ACME nuts. Cheers.

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Yes they switched all the nuts to nylock nuts so they have nylon insets in them and won’t vibrate loose. This was only a problem for us Beta Testers.

There are a few fasteners that could benefit from thread locking compound. Any fastener that treads into the extruded aluminum angle is one example. When I assemble mine i will use the purple version (low strength). That will allow easy disassembly without the need to apply heat.

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