LongMill Brushey Dust shoe

I have remixed the Sweepy for my LM. It was done in such away that I do not lose any cutting area.

All of the details and files can be found at prusaprinters.org. If you like the project please give it a like. I may be able to win a new prusa printer.


here’s a quick video - LongMill Brushey Dust boot - YouTube


Wow! Great detailed writeup on the website. I really like how you sourced common hardware to build this. How is the performance? Does it do better than the LM magnetic dust shoe?

Thanks for the praise. It took awhile to get it how I wanted, but I’m happy with how it preforms.

Everyone in the FB group is also asking for a video showing performance. I guess I’ll have to make one and post it. Hopefully before this weekend or early next week.

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@drewgraham80 Excellent design and great write-up, Drew. I don’t have a 3D printer but some months ago, @Heyward43 and I played with the idea of some kind of a “diverter” to reduce the effect of the router’s internal fan on dust collection. I just used the Mill to cut it out of acrylic. It works extremely well. Your solution is much more sophisticated. That said, I love the fact that a simple piece of tape accomplishes much the same thing.
There are many ways to skin the dust collection cat, for sure. Yours is first rate! :+1: :+1:

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