Longmill career

I work in remodeling full time and am looking to start my own business making customs with a CNC… with the hope to someday do this for a living. Does anyone with experience have any advice?

What exactly do you mean by “making customs”?

@Joe4remodels With respect, Joe, we need much more information about your plans. What do you plan to make with your CNC router? I love my Long Mill, but do not believe that I could make a living selling the things it is capable of cutting. With more information, I’m sure that you will get some excellent advice on how to proceed.

Sorry guys I’m working 7 days a week right now. What I mean is I would like to make anything custom wether it be signs, tables, clocks, gun cases, etc.

I doubt you could make a living from a Longmill but you may be able to make a little extra on the side. Really depends on your design abilities, marketing and pricing.

@Joe4remodels Joe: There was a thread here a while ago about projects that our Mills can tackle. A comment was made that, in some cases, the Mill is not the best tool for the job. The phrase “if you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail” comes to mind.

I don’t know what other woodworking tools/machines you have. Your user name would seem to indicate that you have a wood shop. I would suggest that pieces like tables and gun cases would be much better projects for jointers, planers and table saws than they are for Long Mills. Even signs and clocks need some wood prep before the functions of the Mill come into play.

I am lucky in that I have a pretty fine wood shop in my basement - for a hobbyist. I would not even think about making tables and gun cases without access to the proper woodworking machines - the right tools for the job. The Mill is not made for these types of projects. I would go so far as to say that no CNC router is.

All that gloom and doom said, I wish you luck with your plan. From the standpoint of Mill use, you will get lots of advice here.

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