LongMill CNC MK2 (30x30) almost NEW (few times used) with Dust collector and SoundProof BOX

Hello everyone!
I am selling my MK2. I bought it in June 2022 for my basement hobby shop. I used it a few times (only as a plywood cutter for my little projects). I was used only in a gentle and quiet mode with low axle moving speeds. Never overwhelmed. Let’s say, Total working hours is 20 hrs or so.
It works perfectly! It has no problems with the computer or sensors or router at all. Everything is like new. During the assembly process, I did not rush at all, had no pressure on the screws, and with high precision! But I need to move out of the province (Ontario) and I have no workspace for my shop anymore… That is why I am looking for a new owner for my MK2.
What is included:
LongMill CNC MK2 (30x30),
router Makita,
End Mill Starter Set,
Touch Plate,
LongMill MK2 Magnetic Dust Shoe,
LongMill MK2 Lead Screw Dust Shield,
Inductive Sensor Kit for the LongMill MK2,
T-Track Set - T-track with clamps,
many additional wheels (I bought them at the same time as the machine). I spent TOTAL 2800 CAD approx.
My price for now is 2200 (with your pick up from my location) - Concord Ontario, Canada (Toronto area)
I can give it to you assembled already on the MDF countertop. You do not need to build it and adjust it. Or I can disassemble it slightly to make moving easy for you.
Also if you will be interested, I have a good dust collector (used only for my CNC - a few times, almost new) - Craftex CX Series (I bought it for 450 CAD - “A” class energy efficiency). I am ready to sell it for 300 CAD.
And one more feature: I created a Sound and Dust cover Box (from the plywood) special for this Dust collector to avoid noise and dust spread (I spent 800 CAD for this Box). I am ready to sell it for 300 CAD.
I have pictures of all of that. Just text me and provide me with your email I can send it to you and answer all your questions.
Thank you!

Would it be possible to see this cnc today (june 24?)
Does it come with a computer to control it?
Is there a way for us to have a private conversation about this?
I just joined today - so not sure of protocol for offering my cell number to speed up communication.
R Rosie

Hi R Rosie.
You can see it for sure.
I have to go now, and have no time to answer you. Give me a few hrs and I will give you an answer tonight.
Thank you

I think it’s okay to leave a phone number here:
Call me pls 437-four-two-nine 163-six
I am able to speak till the midnight, not a problem…

…but I am not be able to show you today unfortunately, I have a plans for this night. We can meet any day just need to agree the time

Could you email me photos and table/mounting base dimensions?

R Rosie

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