Longmill CNC Plasma Cutting 11 Gauge Steel

Love it. Some day I would like to dedicate a LongMill just for that. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you

I don’t have the room in my shop to dedicate 1 machine. Small 15 X20 shop. With a work bench, little storage, and a table saw. It is almost full. Then the CNC machine. So, I made this one easy to switch between router and plasma. Tool swap in about 20 sec, slide the slat table off, drop the spoil board down, 2 screws and we are ready for wood projects.

Nice job J, been following your build, nice to see successful end result.

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Thank you.
I am still working on the water pan and a Torch Height Controller. Although this 11 gauge steel does not bend much while cutting, the THC will still be nice to have.


J, I see a hog roaster in your future.

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Might have to get the 48in kit for the Longmill first. LOL