Longmill CNC Plasma Table Making Firefighter Wall Art

Just had some scrap metal so I decided to make some wall art for a friend with my Longmill CNC plasma cutter.


@jmaree I love your stuff, J. Even if I could afford it - and I can’t - I don’t see me adding a plasma cutter to the Long Mill in my basement shop any time soon, so I will live vicariously through you. :grinning:

Thank you so much.
I don’t have the water bed on right now. That might help but this thing put out so many fumes. There is no way I would run it in the basement. My 15X20 building with both doors open and a big fan pointed at the door just keeps up with the fumes.

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@jmaree Very nice work! Like @gwilki Grant, I don’t see me venturing into plasma cutting, but do appreciate your work! Your firefighter friend will love that for sure. Keep up the good job!

Thank you.
I have seen questions on this subject with not many answers. Or incomplete answers. Just want to show it is possible and kinda easy to do with the Longmill. With the 60Watt CO2, the Longmill, small table saw, I do not have any room left for another machine. So I made this easy to go from router to plasma.