Longmill Mk 1 Base Completed

Now that I’m back from our all-too-short 6-week winter sojourn on Vancouver Island, I’m getting on with finishing my CNC setup.

04 Fully assembled grid

As you may recall, I built my torsion box table from MDF, then temporarily set it atop my shop’s mobile sanding cabinet while assembling the CNC. The assembly was completed shortly before we departed for our sojourn, and I was quite happy with how the spoil board surfacing went.

I got together with a neighbour of mine who’s quite an accomplished machinest and together we put together the plans for the mobile base for mounting the CNC atop. One important feature of the base was to provide for a not-so-distant modification to the torsion box to enable mounting pieces at any angle from 0 to 90 degrees. The welding and machining of the base went along very well and upon my return it was moved from my neighbour’s shop and into mine.

I sprayed a few coats of primer on the bare metal to keep it from rusting, and perhaps I’ll apply a solvent-based enamel. For the time being, though I’ll leave it as is.

With the primer dry and with help from my very understanding wife, we slid the table onto its mobile base. I then lined it up with the base, then screwed the two pieces together, using the holes my neighbour had pre-drilled into the underside of the two pieces of steel tube.

I still have to figure out a permanent arrangement for cable management and mounting of the control box, and making two banks for drawers that’ll front on the left side of the base… but for now I want to get on with using my CNC to make a few projects.


@ApexWoodworks Hey Marty, I think it looks fantastic! I like how you did your spoiler board. Have you run any projects yet? I am curious how your locking casters hold the unit steady as it is carving. I have the plywood for my MK2 table but needed to finish up a couple of projects and clean my shop before starting the table. I really like your table, thanks for sharing! Oh yea, give your wife a hug for helping you. If your bride is anything like mine, her help costs… well at least a hug :smiley:

Be Safe!


Jake, thanks for the compliment. Aside from the surfacing of the spoilboard, I’ve not done any projects. The first one will be a sign to put on the outside of my shop, followed by a jewelery box for my sister’s belated Christmas gift.
With the spoil board alone weighing over 180 lbs, I’m not concerned about the locking casters holding things steady… but actual use will confirm if that’s the case.

Marty from Kingston, ON

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