Longmill MK2 - 21 Days Later

My MK2 arrived 21 days ago. Here’s a collection of pictures from the last 3 weeks


I thought it was stuck in customs and wasn’t prepared when it arrived. Threw the table together in the middle of the shop. It still hasn’t moved.

Very first cut

2nd cut a little more ambitious

First attempt at inlay did not go well

Fun Ohio test in hard wood

That inspired me to do an Andy Warhol

Wife’s suggestion

Got the inlay this time

Fun 3d

Great vector found on Vecteezy

Interesting but needs some work

For our daughter

Took a few days off to drive 18 hours south for our granddaughter’s birthday

And after a few days away and lots of driving, back to something more difficult

More toys. Got the limit sensors and laser installed. Trying to measure the distance between the CNC bit and the laser for future tests

First real test - norton method white tile

Image tests

Wife sold a couple signs

Classic panels from a classic comic book series, looks incredible

Difficulty with two color tile

Images on wood test

Painted white/black canvas - this was impressive


@jdforsythe Man, have you been busy!! Well done.

@jdforsythe Very nice, makes me wonder how more you would have if not for the Granddaughters Birthday! Was it running while eating cake?

haha it’s a long drive, they’re in Louisiana and we’re in Ohio, but Gramps hasn’t missed one of her birthdays yet! We have another one arriving in August, so I’m not sure I can keep it up with two of them!

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@jdforsythe we finally moved closer to the majority of kids & grandkids, still have two in New Mexico, bulk are in Texas, we do love living in Texas. You travel a bunch for birthday’s, good for you!

I still have one more daughter at home so we won’t be moving for at least a few more years until she graduates!