Longmill MK2 PWNCNC/Laserbeam

I currently have the Longmill MK2 48x30 with the Laserbeam add-on. I received my PWNCNC Air Cooled spindle and while installing it I noticed I have to remove the Laserbeam connection to the Longboard in order to get the automatic VFD controls to spindle working for gSender control. Is there a connection setup to have both wired and not have to disconnect/reconnect to alternate between devices?

I would get with PWNCNC on how to put a switch, I think someone has done it before.

I have the china spindle and I put a switch between the spinPWM wire. In the LM Facebook page under the file section I have the write up.

Super longboard solved that problem for me.

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Steve, Iā€™m sure this is the solution to my problem. Just one quick question regarding the on/off operation while switching between spindle and laser, is hitting the e-stop sufficient for power cyle? Thank you.

Yes, make sure you turn off the SLB and then switch the laser/spindle, also when using the laser turn the spindle off.