Longmill threaded wasteboard *.svg and or *.nc file

Has anyone created a threaded wasteboard *.svg and or *.nc file specifically created for the Longmill that they are willing to share. Any support would greatly be appreciated.

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Hi Hector,

Are you still looking for a Walterboro file?

@Jerel Welcome to the group, Jerel. Just for my education, what is a Walterboro file? :grinning:

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lol I’m really curious too.

Oh boy. I meant to say wasteboard file. Lol.

Yes. Can you advise where I may get a copy of a file designed for the Longmill.

@hectorton If you can post your specifications, I can do one up for you and send the gcode. I would need to know the spacing you would like, the size of the inserts you will be using and the bit you would like to use.

Thank you for the offer. As for specifications I am fairly new to this and don’t have any specific request. Only request is that the threaded board fit inside the Longmill and provide access to its 30”x 30” cutting area.

@hectorton I appreciate that you are new, but I need some guidance. The 30" x 30" is easy. But, I need to know what inserts you are using before I know how big the holes should be that they will fit into. I suggest that you take a look at what others here have done and pick one.

The choices that you have are the size of the inserts you will use, the spacing and the bit you want to use to drill the holes. Without that information, it’s not possible to create the gcode file.

As a start, I would suggest that you use inserts similar to these


Space them 3" or 4" apart, and use a 1/8" mill to drill the holes.

This is just a suggestion, though.

I use these M5x14mm Interface Hex Socket Threaded Insert Nuts. I also bought this clamp set from Inventables that works great if you don’t want to make your own.