Longmill up and running

Had some initial software learning issues but the Longmill is working perfectly. Used it to countersink (maybe too many) holes in the wasteboards. Also did some basic designs in Fusion 360 and was successful in getting them routed! Couldn’t be happier! I just need a lot more training in Fusion… Anyone know of any courses in the area? I’ve followed some tutorials on YouTube which are certainly helpful but some one-on-one help would be great too.




Nice set up Looks great.

Hi Scott. Your set up looks great. Where did you get the T-track from? Also…the table?

Hi and thanks Magnus. Ordered the T track from Banggood and welded the table together from pieces of pallet racking and spare steel I had kicking around.

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Hi Scott:
Could you please measure your Y-axis travel for me?
Trying to figure out if i can get away with 1000mm lead screws instead of 1030mm.
When scratch building those last 30mm put me into the 1200mm class, which is a lot more money.
Thanks in advance,

Where are you located?

Kitchener/Waterloo area

Forget fusion its way too complicated start with easel or Camlabs first. Better for the beginner.

It’s definitely got a steep learning curve. I guess I got spoiled on the CAD side by picking up SketchUp fairly quickly, at least for basic things. That being said, once you get a handle on the basics in Fusion, it is extremely powerful and the CAM is exceptional. But Greg is correct, the investment is probably a few weeks of time to get even a basic foundation. And it’s a lot of head scratching and learning and re-learning. I’m finding if I don’t use it for a week I still regress quite a bit due to the steep curve. I’m kind of settling in to the idea that I probably need to commit a few hours a day to it for about two weeks to get a solid foundation that I don’t regress on.

So, if you just want to cut things you already have drawn in 2D, there are definitely quicker ways to get there. If you have more complex ideas and extremely high precision things in mind, climbing the Fusion mountain is probably the path.



Check my basic tutorial in Easel out. I posted it in another are of the forum. Learning area. Check that out. That is where I started.

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Its right here. This will help you get going much faster.

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Actual measured travel was 827mm

That’s excellent! Thanks so much :+1:.
So it looks like I’ll be able to use 1000mm lead screws for my scratch build.
Those 30mm less would leave me with ~800mm travel.
Thanks for your help Scott.


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Scott, congrats and looks great! I just ordered mine today. I went to Udemy.com and found a course for Fusion 360. I just went there again and looked, they have courses from free to $200. The course I took shows a price of $129, but they had a sale and I had a coupon, so I paid $10…needless to say, well worth $10. You might want to contact any local trade schools and see if they have classes or recommendations. Good luck!