Looking for an old post with 3d printed switch housing

Hey guys,

I’m putting together my machine this week, and I’m looking for an old post somewhere here or on facebook. One of the guys 3d printed a switch housing with switches for vac, router, machine power e-stop. I wanted to print that housing, but I can’t for the life of me find the post now.

Anyone know what I’m talking about?

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Nevermind. I had to resort to scrolling down facebook for a long time (I hate facebook), but I found it.

Thanks, Dave Riganelli


Thats why I have been trying to encourage people to post stuff like this hear. Its easier to find.

Thanks for doing the research on this! Printing one of these is on my list, after I finish printing mods for my Ender.

A minor issue I encountered is that the links posted for the parts and switches are all from Canadian sources, most of which were unavailable in the USA. There are equivalent switches available here but I think they are sized differently and may not work with the 3d files as published.

You know you can buy an automatic switch system right?

I’m aware, Greg, but I use the same shop vac for all my tools so a separate switch is more convenient. I’m all ears if you’ve got some pointers on setting that up well though.

Sanityfree, I was actually able to find all the exact switches Dave used for this control box on USA Amazon. They are pretty reasonable on price, too.

However, they’re not going to work for my setup because they’re low amperage and my shop vac draws 12 amps. I spoke to Dave about his setup today and got some pointers. I ordered some different switches today, and hopefully some time next week I’ll have time to model my own control box in onshape.

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Very nice @David glad you could get it sorted out.

Automatic switch system = $$$.$$

Light switch = $.$$

I’m wondering why there’s a main power switch and a separate switch for the CNC board. I think I’ll make mine so that the main power switch also turns on the control board, and instead of the CNC switch I’ll put a switch for LEDs.

Light switch = $.$$

20 amp rocker switch = .$$

I don’t think I’m going to put a main power switch on mine. It’s going to have vac, router, CNC and e-stop.

I think I’m going to design in a buck converter to power the raspberry pi while I’m at it, on the same switch as CNC power.

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