Looking for free plans for an articulating arm

Looking for free plans for an articulating arm for a laptop holder.
Anything like this in forum?

@EricH Welcome to the forum, Eric.

I’ve not seen plans on the forum, but a quick online search returned plans that will likely do what you want. Good luck.

Not sure what you are truly looking for but here are several links to videos on how to make . Also free plans linked on various websites.
Also here is a free plan for adjustable laptop stand. Again all credit goes to those that designed and built these above mentioned items.
Plans link

See video link from The Carmichael Workshop: Make a Laptop Wall Mount with Articulating Arm
PDF plans for free ,

Bench mounted plans for free. This is a CNC designed plan that can be cut out on the CNC for mounting of a laptop. Please give credit to those that make these plans available for free. Note there are hundreds of CNC plans on the Cutrocket website as it is a CNC enthusiast site. Good luck with what ever direction you go in.

Videos on YouTube links

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Btw Welcome Eric to the world of CNC.

I am looking in using most of your design from CutRocket.com. I will be putting a pocket where they have slots for the laptop to catch and have made slots in the catches to slid on. I think this may allow for better gluing. I am also looking to put a swivel at the point of attaching to the CNC table and one at the point of the laptop. I believe this will allow the laptop to be moved out of the way or where it’s best needed location. I have seen arms that have spring tensioning holding arms in place compensating for the weight of the laptop. I may look into that alteration as well. Thanks!

I got the link of your site from Garret Fromme of IDC. It’s a great source of information for CNC.