Looking for help with my Spindle and setting things up

He guys,

I have my 30x30 up and running with a spindle.

RATTMMOTOR 1.5KW 1500W Air Cooled Spindle Motor CNC ER16 2HP 220V 80mm 24000rpm

I was wondering if anyone else has a spindle up and running, I am new to this thing, and I am trying to understand some of the programing, and reduce the Wood burning thats going on.

Couple things it might be:

  1. Speed. Is that white oak you’re milling? You may have too high an RPM on your spindle for that material. What RPM did you run it at?

  2. Feed rate, you may need to turn up the feed rate, but I would recommend lowering RPM, or decrease the amount of material you’re trying to remove per pass.

Check out the sienci page on feeds and speeds:. Feeds and Speeds | Sienci Labs

  1. Spindle direction. Long shot on this. I only ask because I’ve done it, but can you confirm your spindle is turing the correct direction for the bit you’re using?
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thanks for the reply,

The material is Ash, and I neglected to set the Feed and plunge rate in aspire, so I have tweeked it to 30 mm/sec for feed and 10 mm/sec for plunge

as for the RPM, I am struggling to find the readings, my Spindle is new to me, and I cant seem to figure out how to read it.
its been a hectic week, so my time with it has been limited. I was hoping to find someone with the same model so I can pick their brains.

I would like to be able to control it with Gcode, but thats are fairly large leap right now since I have little or no experience with it.

I had a Makita in my previoud build, now I am going all high tech, and took the jump and learning by the seat of my pants :slight_smile: