Loose object vacuumed and shattered router

Pics attached. This is what can happen when a loose object is accidently vacuumed through the router during a job. I was using the Sweepy 2.0 Dust Boot from Carbide 3D. It’s secured to the router via the black metal bracket in the pic and held in place by the two silver screws. The problem is due to router/CNC vibration the two screws work themselves loose so much they need to be tightened every one or two runs. During a surfacing job both screws became so loose they detached, the bracket fell off, was sucked up into the bit destroying everything you see and sending dozens of metal and plastic pieces flying. Fortunately, I have an enclosure that protected me from all the flying shrapnel. So, enclosures are not just for dust control. They’re also for safety.

@bama1990 - Glad you weren’t injured Bud. I had the same problem with my Sweepy 2.0 too. I finally put Blue Loctite on the two screws. Hasn’t come off so far. I’m hoping it will stay tight for a while.


Blue loctite is just what I was going to suggest as well. I have never had anything come loose again that it was used on.

Thanks. When you put the Loctite on the screws are you still able to open and close the clip?

Putting blue Loctite on the screws should not affect the operation of the clips. All you want to do is apply a small amount on the threads of the screws. It’s a good idea to use isopropyl alcohol to clean the screws first as well as the female threads before applying the Loctite. And watch out, the Loctite comes out of the bottle quickly!

Yes the clip still works normally. I made sure to test and adjust it before the loctite dried.

Great! Glad it worked out.