Mach3 use with LongMill or MillOne

Has anyone used Mach3 to run a Longmill or MillOne. I like the GUI look of Mach3 and from their website it looks like they only support parallel ports. I wondered if Mach3 connected via USB to the LongMill control box would even work…

@gtrboy77 I looked into it. Mach3 and the newer Mach4 are not compatible with a usb/grbl based controller, if I understood what I was reading. It’s not just a case of finding a PC old enough to have a parallel port. Feel free to do your own research though, Dean. I’m open to be proven wrong. :grinning:

@gtrboy77 - @gwilki - I do believe Grant is correct. Everything I’ve read says it won’t work with the grbl controller. Oranges and apples thing.

That stinks. It looks super cool. Reminds me of Fanuc controls on the big boy machines.

If you really wanted to use Mach 3/4 with the LongMill hardware, you could. You’d have to replace the LM controller with a Mach motion control unit, though.

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