Machine configuration for Fusion 360

Has anyone set up the configuration for the 30x30 in Fusion 360? If so could use some help with the pertinent information

Todd, what kind of info are you looking for?

Bill, I was looking to set it up in the local machine library if necessary. There are several tabs and items to input. Some are self explanatory but others aren’t. Just looking to validate the value or if it doesn’t make a difference

Todd, this is the machine config I use for F360. I’ve noticed little difference in the way F360 behaves, or its output, whether I select the machine in the Manufacture page. I suspect F360 will check to see if your job settings exceed any of the limits in the config.

I think the only thing you’ll need to change is the Post Output Folder on the Post Processing tab. I put all my gcode files, whatever the source, in one location so I can easily copy them.

Generic (3.5 KB)

Since the forum only allows files of a certain type, you have the change the file extension from .nc to .machine. In the the Machine Library tab select Import a Machine, select this file, and she should be good. Holler with questions.


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Here’s a video on how to create a custom machine in Fusion 360, using the Longmill as an example: