Machine goes into pause after less than 1 min of printing

I’m using Vcarve 10.5 and UGS with GRBL inches as PP . Within less than 1 minute of cutting, the machine goes into pause. When I click play again it continues for the rest of the job. Does anybody have a solution to the problem or is it a glitch in UGS .

@romeo Does it do this with all files, or just one?

with most files , once in a whille it prints ok the promt button and the stop button are both lit. I just have to click the print button again to get it going.

@romeo Things to look at:

  1. Don’t try to run the file from a USB stick. Save it to the hard drive of the controlling PC, the run it. (I accept that there are members here that have no problem using USB sticks. Others have reported issues. YMMV.)

  2. If you are running windows, turn off all power saving settings. No sleep, no hibernation, no hard drive shut down and especially no reducing power to the USB ports.

Thanks I’ll try that, I’ve never used a usb stick.

Does it happen randomly or just right between 2 toolpaths?

I have also have had this happen in UGS when running G-Code from Aspire using GRBL Inch. Seems like it happens right at the start - when I press Play in UGS, the bit moves to the start position then pauses. waiting for input. I have had it happen, once, in the middle of the job, but can’t remember it was a Vectric G-Code Grbl Inch output - it may have from other CAD software.

It doesn’t happen all the time - just seems random. Other than that minor issue, I have had no problems with the August 2020 version of UGS.

I’ll have to watch more closely and see if it’s a specific “thing” I am doing.