Macro to more accurately find 0,0

The distance between the laser point and the router’s point (using a v-bit) is 65mm (at least for mine, I can only assume if the design changes so will this distance).
So using my v-bit to more accurately point where I want my 0,0 to be and then I just run this macro to move the laser move to that point, it will then reset the X and Y Coordinates to 0,0, I have another macro (Macro to help with G2 Focus Finder) that helps set the Z coordinate to 0 faster/easier as well :slight_smile:

G21 ( MM MODE )
F2450 ( SPEED FOR G01: 2450 mm/m)

G01 Y 65 ( MOVE 65 mm NORTH)

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@NCNC With respect, Gustavo, I believe that your F command sets the movement rate to 2450 mm/m, not 245.

Oh! quite right! thank you for catching that! @gwilki
Already corrected it, essentially, it’s going to almost 100 in/min or “Fast Rate”


@NCNC No worries, Gustavo. Just an FYI and a question. I have similar macros written for projects using both the router and the laser. I also have one written for my cross hair laser. With the latter, I found that, if I ran it at full G0 speed, it would be off a bit. I don’t know if it was a case of short distance acceleration or what. I used the F command to slow the movement way down and all has been right since. Have you encountered anything like that?

Interesting, thanks for sharing, I haven’t encountered this with this machine, but with a previous one I made I learned the hard way to not go full speed needlessly because of what you mention, if the machine isn’t near perfectly tuned it will start losing steps at fast feed rates, and a lost step here and there adds up.

I try and use faster speeds after tuning the machine before a tediously long project, but for fast projects, I use slower speeds

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