Magnetic dust shoe - a tale of caution

I have the Sienci magnetic dust shoe for my MK2. Works fairly well…but…beware if you shift your router about.

I shifted the router about a bit due to cabling issues when it got close to the left Y axis (was pinching the power cable). This resulted in the spindle lock button being at the worst possible place…oriented directly above a sloped edge of the inside of the dust shoe…the perfect assistant to press the lock button in when the router plunges down for a deeper pass.

Needless to say, it was a nice little light show of sparks when it tried engaging the lock at 22k rpm…

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I have moved your post to this topic as I believe it will get more attention here. Tks for posting this.

Thanks. I actually had it in this category first and then discovered the other category and thought it was best there…so I moved it :smiley:

No worries…as long as people find it useful!

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I had the same issue with the cord hitting the left side on my MK1. Instead of turning the router I 3D printed an elbow to bend the cord.

Not sure what I would have used if I didn’t have a 3D printer but maybe it gives you an idea on how to manage the cable without turning the router.


Great idea! That definitely looks like it’s effective at steering the cord up and away.

I do have a 3D printer and was just thinking along the same lines now that I’ve rotated it away from the “instant brake to break” zone :smiley: