Magnetic Dust Shoe, Shoe Base Cut File

Is it possible to download the sketch/drawing/outline of the acrylic Shoe Base for the Magnetic Dust Shoe?

My Shoe Base has cracked, and surprise, I own a CNC, so I should be able to cut one out.

But I haven’t been able to easily get the outline from OnShape.

OnShape link here: Onshape

What format do you want it in?
LM_Shoe Base_M.svg

That SVG is perfect! Thanks!

Did you get it from OnShape? If so, I just couldn’t figure out.

I did. Exported a DXF and then brought into Inkscape (out of habit) to check it.

Looks like you’ve got different permissions than I do. Are you logged in to OnShape? I don’t have an account, so that might very well be it.

There it is. Yes, I was logged in.

Gotcha. Thanks for your help!

First, attach a metal plate to the front of your table , and donèt leave the dust shoe on tne table top.
here is the gcode for the dust shoe acrillic
1/8 inch sigle fute bit.dust shoe acrillic.gcode (8.8 KB)

My dust shoe wasn’t damaged because it was sitting on the table top. It was most likely damaged from normal usage and where it cracked was the narrowest, weakest area. Luckily the 3D printed part underneath appears to be more flexible and holding it together until I can cut another.

Good idea with putting a metal plate on the front of the table to hold the dust shoe. I usually just flip it upside down and put it on the opposite side of the gantry mount.