Making G-code with FreeCad

I’ve been learning to use FreeCad, and I’m getting close to creating G-code, but I’m still not getting it right after quite a bit of time. I have a Longmill 30x30. Can anyone explain to me how to do it? Thanks

@EricJ Welcome to the group, Eric. I’ve moved your post to the software help topic. I believe that it will get more attention here.

I’ve never used FreeCad so, unfortunately, I can’t be of any help.

It may help if you can provide a few more details. When you say that you are not getting it right, what is happening? I assume that you are creating a CAD drawing, then CAM tool paths. Is that right? From there, at least in other CAD/CAM applications, you create gcode, using the appropriate post processor. Where are you in that process if, in fact, that is the process in FreeCad?

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Hey Grant,

Thanks for responding.

Yes, that’s right, I’ve created a part and I’m trying to create a cutting path. FreeCad isn’t logical in a lot of ways. LOL, it’s a great tool to have I think, but it’s not easy to use.

I’ve been able to make a cutting path that looks like it’s cutting my project, but on the simulator its cutting above my project. At one point I had it cutting it out most of the way right, but the starting position was in the middle and not at a corner like I need it to be. It seems like I’m close, but I’ve been at it for hours and haven’t figured it out yet.

Thanks again

I know FreeCad a bit but don’t have a ton of experience with the Paths bench. I was able to change the origin from the Job Edit screen. On the setup tab with the vertex you want to be the origin selected use the X=0, Y=0, and Z=0 buttons.

Feel free to ask more questions in this thread and I’ll help if I can. :grinning:

I have a little test file I’ll keep to help out but if you are willing to post the FreeCad file here or in a Private Message to me I might be able to help more easily.

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thanks! yeah there’s nothing special about the file. I’d appreciate any help you can give. I did figure out how to set the origin in path workbench. I’m trying to cut this 2D part out of 2" styrofoam.

Dang, they won’t let me upload a file. Oh well, thanks anyway!

Will it not let you upload a file at all yet or is it the file extension not excepted? It won’t let me upload a FreeCad file either but if it’s the extension problem you can zip it and then upload.

I had it zipped and it wouldn’t allow that either because I’m a new member.
Hey thanks for trying to help. I walked in this morning and my first attempt I got it to work. I guess I just needed to sleep on it! LOL

Anyway, i’m off to cutting! Thank you!

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