Man, this sucks

The musings of an Old Man…Maybe this is good news/bad news/good news - like a reverse Oreo cookie…

Living in the States in SE Wisconsin has been interesting the past year and a half. Also working in a community that has seen unbelievable growth in home sales for OVER assessed value has been the norm. We live just north of the Illinois Border and people are apparently flocking out of Illinois to Wisconsin for greener pastures. Our area’s nick name is Chicago’s Playground.

Case in point - Wife and I decided to have a realtor come and appraise the house to see if it is the right time to sell. We have been living here for 7 years and my Wife’s Craft Studio is in our second bedroom and my Man Cave housing all my Power tools and my precious Longmill is in the basement…Some additional space spilled out into the garage, too - go figure…

Well we decided to list our home at a price that was $45,000 more than what I thought it was worth on the advice of the Realtor. The DANG THING SOLD in less than 24 hours for a little more than asking…GOOD NEWS!

The problem is now we have to find a place to live because the buyer wants a close in 30 days…time to pack up…but…apartments are charging premiums because of the housing market and there is very little available - everyone apparently is doing what we did. After a week of looking and being pissed at the prices of things we did find something, but now - yep - we have to pack everything up and MOVE…Goodwill was the winner after our 2 day “get rid of it all for cheap” Garage Sale.

I did manage to sell some bigger power equipment, (so we wouldn’t have to move it) which we had bought within the last year…BAD NEWS for sure because now we had to move into our daughters 2 Bedroom apartment with our dog until our Condo is ready August 1…and my Man Cave and Wife’s Studio is packed away in a 10x15 storage shed. Figuring out the best way to deconstruct the Longmill AND the 4x4 bench so it would be easy to reconstruct in our new Condo was a little challenging…Worst part is no production from us for over a month and I find I am missing my Longmill ALOT…

Lastly the GOOD NEWS is that we figured I can retire in about 2 years and our stuff is coming with us so we can continue to work making signs and household items. We are moving August 1 for now into the community that I work so my commute is literally 4 minutes instead of 24. Still 2 weeks to go and I am getting antsy…

I am spewing here, but maybe y’all could stop posting your awesome pics of your projects so I don’t have to look at them and make me feel worse…or maybe the world could just pause around us for two more weeks until we can be back up and running…DAMM LONGMILL - you have ruined me for life - I am holding Chris and Andy fully responsible for all of my Longmill sad feelings. If they hadn’t designed and built such an awesome rigid machine, maybe I wouldn’t be bothered by this so much.

Seriously, I miss my Mill and can’t wait to get back up and running. Y’all have a nice day…I’ll just be over here…lurking…


Steve, hang in there buddy, all things work out for the best.

Not quite the same for us but we live at 7500 ft in the Sacramento mountains of New Mexico, a jewel of a place to live. My issue is at this altitude my oxygen level is about 80%, just spent a couple of weeks in Texas, Oxygen at 98%. Decided to sell and move. Then you start looking at what I need to move, Bandsaws X2, Jointers, Planers, Drill press, Drum sander, plus the CNC, we have so many dual purpose rolling carts! That doesn’t include a million hand tools, gadgets etc, you get it, wood worker nut! Plus my dream workshop, heated, cooled, can work year round.

Now to find a place - the hunt is on!


I suppose I’ll sit here as your willing scapegoat :grin:

Lots of ups and downs but hopefully the destination makes the journey worth it Steve! I’m sure your LongMill misses you just as much as you’re missing it :wink: :call_me_hand:

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It is all about the journey, without that no memories.

This has been an amazing journey since I didn’t even know how to spell CNC a few years ago, then got hooked and am actually surprised at how much I love creating on the LM.

It will all come back together in the next week or two so I am excited to get back to it! - thanks @Bill and @chrismakesstuff!

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FYI I did learn how to spell CNC: Sienci :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: