March 1 - March 8, 2024 "Sign Projects" Contest

Hi everyone! Thank you for showcasing your incredible guitar/guitar-related projects made on the LongMill.

We are happy to announce that Ritchie Bedard, Ed Lagace, Mark Hunt, Kenneth Key, Darcy Boyer, and Jim Hambone are the guitar/guitar-related projects contest winners. A prize is on its way!

This week’s theme: “Sign Projects.” Share your most creative LongMill-made sign projects for a chance to win free prizes in our contest!

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Happy creating!

Thought I would throw an entry at the sign contest - I’m sure the competition will be tough though!

This was just playing around with some less-than-fantastic plywood, rolling the dice hoping that any voids would be “artistic”. Made it for friends that had just purchased a house with a pool.

This was one of my first attempts at v-carves - and as a Fusion 360 user, sorting out the details and toolpaths was (as usual) harder than it should have been!

One neat effect appeared - the veneer layer I exposed with the recess (meant to frame the sign) had an interesting void at almost the perfect place to give the sign a bit more character.

I have since made other signs from plywood with voids - and been really lucky with where the voids ended up. Another idea I have is to try and selectively reveal layers in plywood to give a faux multi-colour print - but I don’t have any projects done in that yet!


Once you get it setup, though, it can be a very efficient way to do things. I do V-inlays with Fusion and you don’t even need a model, just a sketch.

@elbarsal Very nicely done, Ed.

Thanks @gwilki.

@NeilFerreri - Fusion is so incredibly powerful, it’s absolutely worth the learning curve once things are set up - and I’m still discovering ways to improve my workflow every time I use it.