March 15 - March 22, 2024 "Flag Projects" Contest

Good afternoon, everyone! Thanks for sharing the fantastic signs you’ve crafted using the LongMill.

We are happy to announce that @norm, Christine Tanasiuk, Bruce MacDonald, Scot Lovdahl, James Stevens, and Tyler Dacosta are the charcuterie board projects contest winners. A prize is on its way!

This week’s theme is “flag projects”. Share your favorite LongMill-made flag projects for a chance to win prizes in our contest!

Visit our blog for more information on our Weekly Themed Contest:

Weekly Themed Contest Rules and Guidelines:

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Happy making!

How does one go about submitting a contest entry?

Hey Courtney!

You can reply to this post with a picture of your project, stating that you are submitting it for the contest.



Please enter this into the Mar29th to Apr 5th contest. thanks

Tablet stand cut out on the MK2 laser engraved flower then painted with paint pens

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